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Your "Epic!" Project (Project 6)

posted Oct 4, 2010, 10:25 AM by Michael Reilly   [ updated Oct 11, 2010, 12:36 PM ]
We hear the word "Epic!" so often, especially in gamers territory.  Jane McGonigal is famous for her TED speech on World of Warcraft and the "Epic Win" concept.
Over the next 6 weeks, we will be reviewing "The Odyssey".  This set the standard thousands of years ago for the definition of "epic", and is retold in so many ways.  Your goal: to make your own "epic", using your own technology choice, or mix of technologies. 
We're going to introduce Adobe Premier Pro for video, Soundbooth for, uh, sound, and AfterEffects for special effects and video editing. 
These are truly professional softwares for the movie industry.  However, you don't have to use them for your
final project, you just have to show that you've learned them according to the GCPS standards.  You could go back to a technology you preferred, like Flash or GameMaker or Photoshop, etc. 
And you don't have to write about mythical figures millenia ago.  It could be your own story, or that of someone you know.  Consider people coming to America from other countries and the challenges they encounter.  What about something fictitious, from your own creative brain?  What about something people always call "epic", like Halo.  Is it?  Maybe you want to take on a world challenge, to begin a real epic, right now, like Jane McGonigal! 
Check out these links to help the world using technology:
How will this work?
Over the next 2 weeks or so, we will have a pattern of doing these things each day, probably in this order, and these are items that you will receive grades for:
  • 3 video tutorials each day from the Adobe TV tutorials, as found in the Links page, for Premier, AfterEffects and Soundbooth.  Then TRY THEM after watching them.  See the attachment below to keep track of which tutorials you've done (not required, just handy). UPDATE:  you will make one short movie to demonstrate the core skills of each software product by Friday, Oct. 15.
  • Read some of the Odyssey
  • Watch the parallel parts of the movie (if they exist)
  • Discuss, understand those parts, and see how they might apply to YOUR epic
  • Reflect: draft some storyboard ideas and write some script for YOUR epic based on the day's reading.  What are the big points you read about or watched, and how would you parallel them in YOUR interpretation?
After we complete the reading and understanding of the Odyssey, you will also have developed some skills with the tutorials, as you will have had about 30 so far.  We will spend 3-4 weeks creating your media product focusing on YOUR epic.  We will use a Google Site for keeping track of your project again. Here's a link to a template.
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