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Summary of Adobe Softwares

posted Oct 12, 2010, 3:41 AM by Michael Reilly
For the past week, and the rest of this one, you should be finishing up the Adobe tutorials on Premier Pro, Soundbooth and AfterEffects.  Time to show what you know!
You do NOT have to use these products for your interpretation of "The Odyssey".  You DO have to produce a small movie, all on your own and not in a group, that incorporates the main functionality of these softwares.  That is:
  • A basic movie of anything, it does not have to make sense.
  • A title screen at the beginning
  • At least two separate scenes that were not originally together.
  • Some type of effects brought in from AfterEffects, at least 2.
  • A soundtrack or at least some layer of sound in addition to the sounds of the movie, something that lasts for the separate scenes as listed above.
  • Be sure to refine out noticeable sound imperfections.
  • Ending credits scene. 
Be ready to show this Monday, Oct. 18.  Have "before and after" ready, such as the original movie clips prior to merging, etc.