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Project 7 Update

posted Dec 1, 2010, 3:49 AM by Michael Reilly
We're at the halfway point for Project 7, and it's time to review what you've got.  Attached below this post is a general rubric to start our discussion of your "midpoint".  In addition to these reviews, we'll talk about what each project member has done, and what their individual responsibilities are for the remainder.
Each project should have a professional delivery, in whatever medium you think is appropriate: web site, presentation, etc.  Sell me your ideas, using your project!!
Regarding the rubric:
Development, Analysis, and Sources refers to the research you've collected. It should be legitimate and relevant, with proper citation.

Expression of Knowledge is your organization of the material and information you've found, as well as your interpretation of it. If you have a pile of "stuff", but it's not organized, then it probably looks like junk. If it IS organized, then you're on your way to a winner. If you just repeat facts and don't think about what you've found, then you haven't done anything to demonstrate learning.

Organization/Use of Technologies is pretty self-explanatory. You've been expected to use at least 3 different technologies on this project, which should not be hard. Also, they should be used thoroughly, professionally. It's a quantity AND quality issue.
Michael Reilly,
Dec 1, 2010, 3:58 AM