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Project 5 - "Fight for your life"

posted Sep 19, 2010, 6:10 PM by Michael Reilly
Hopefully we didn't scare you too much with the intro to this project.  However, the situation for water in our world, both near and far, is not great.  We want you to use some Web and writing skills to produce something that will grab the attention of our local politicians, and offer them your concerns and a suggested plan regarding your water.  After all, our County has to stop using Lake Lanier for our water supply in 2012.  Yes, really!

Your project can be about local water, or water in another place you're concerned about.  The way you accomplish this is very open.  You do have to learn some web skills, but you can make them either a priority or a sub-part.  Your writing skills are focused on persuasion and fact, so become a reporter.

Your job is to make a case for water, and do so in a most passionate way.

For more details on this project, click here:

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