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Project 4 (Sept. 3 - 17)

posted Sep 3, 2010, 6:56 AM by Michael Reilly   [ updated Sep 13, 2010, 5:54 AM by Lindsey Buffington ]
Thanks for your feedback, both parents and students.  We think you'll see changes starting with this project (starting today) that will be helpful.
Big picture timeline:
  • On Sept. 3, all students select a book they must complete reading by Sept. 13.
  • By 8am, Sept. 9, all students need to submit their "Flash Plan".  This includes:
    • A summary of how you will use Flash to demonstrate your book.  What is the genre of the story (horror, space sci-fi, etc.), and what type of tone do you want to demonstrate?
    • What type of imagery do you intend on using (pictures from the web, or hand-drawn characters, or a mix of the two)?  Why that choice?
    • What is your plan for finishing the book, if you have not yet done so?  If you have read the book, or most of it, please give a summary of what you have read so far.
    • Think like a movie director, because you are!  This should be about 2 paragraphs of clear ideas, good grammar and punctuation.
  • By Sept. 10, all students must complete at least 20 Flash tutorials.  Ask for help!
  • By Sept. 10, all students must begin a "Project 4" Google Site, share it with the instructors.  This should include a Project Outline, as demonstrated here:  During the week of Sept. 7 we will review Flash techniques and AKS each day in preparation for your projects.
  • On Sept. 10, students should create the first Weekly Plan on their Google site.  This plan should list the days of the following week, and the goals for each day.  It should also include space for a daily reflection on the tasks, as all project plans are changed at some point.
  • For the week of Sept. 13-17, students should review their plans, and post a clearly written daily reflection before the next work day, preferably during the last 30 minutes of CDAT.  If they begin their projects prior to Sept. 10, they should write a weekly plan for that time.
  • On Sept. 17, students will share their "book reports" with the class.
What are the "deliverables"?  That is, what's going to be graded?
  • 20 Flash tutorials completed and demonstrated
  • Google Site created for the Project, and updated daily when active (during the project).  Should include a home page that describes the book and members and overview, a project proposal page that outlines the book report plan in descriptive details, a page for each week of work with daily plans, daily reflections on the status of the plans, a file or link page for resources.
  • Flash book report itself.  This "report" should include the necessary scenes (title, introduction summary, at least 8 scenes to tell the story, citation scene, user-navigation (buttons) to change scenes, at least one motion tween, text or audio during the story, consistent artwork/graphics.  A detailed rubric will be shared, but it will consist primarily of these items.
Language Arts:
  • Your initial "Flash Plan" is a graded writing assignment.  It will be mainly evaluated for grammar, syntax and clarity.  After submitting your assignment, you should put it on your Google Project 4 Site.
  • Your Weekly Log of plans and reflections should be written in complete sentences and will also be evaluated for grammer, syntax and clarity.
  • The writing in your story should be clear, grammatically correct, etc.  Your characters can have "word bubbles", but the narration should be well-written.
  • In reading your books, you should be ready to identify the AKS found in our First 9 Week List as they relate to the book you selected. We will be reviewing what the AKS mean on a regular basis, so take note and look for them while you read.  This should be one document, listing the individual AKS paired with your descriptions of how they are incorporated into your book, and how you will convey them into your Flash book report.
  • For each of your individual independent novels you will need to turn in an outline of the plot. This will be a basic/minimal outline to your report scenes. I am looking for the demonstration of knowledge and understanding of the following from your story (NOT a book definition): exposition, rising action, climax, falling action, resolution, theme, and symbolism (if you have something symbolic that constantly recurs throughout your plot). The plot outline will be due Tuesday 09/14/2010 at 8:00am; typed and printed out.
  • Anything turned in at 8:01 am on Tuesday 09/14/2010 or later in the day will result in a 5 deduction off the top before grading/evaluation will begin. Anything turned in later this week (Wednesday, Thursday, Friday) will be a continual 5 point deduction per day.
  • In your flash book report your plot outline will be a part of your narration scenes to help aid the understanding of telling your story.
  • You will need to find 3 other literary devices in your story to show demonstration of knowledge as well. You get to choose these. Please refer to the back of your literature book for guidance and definitions (some of these can be, but not limited to: alliteration, tone, mood, paradox, imagery, allusion, characterization, defining the type of character, conflict(s), foreshadowing, irony, simile, metaphor, suspense) These 3 items will be due when your flash book report is due on Friday 09/17/2010 as a separate scene at the end of your flash.