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Poetry Project

posted Dec 29, 2010, 10:29 AM by Michael Reilly   [ updated Jan 2, 2011, 3:06 AM ]
Somewhere on the love-hate spectrum, you have a feeling about poetry.  Time for you to find a place closer to the "love" part.  The "Poetry Project" will focus on your tie to poetry.  It must exist somewhere, even for "haters".  For example, Mr. Reilly is not a huge fan, but really enjoys the music of Rush, which has derived songs from Wallace Stevens, Samuel Taylor Coleridge and more.  Mrs. Buffington is a huge fan of "The Odyssey" which was a 45-book poem (an epic journey itself just to read it).  

But what other motivators are there?  Maybe you like to write, and just love poetry itself, and want to start an "open mic" during lunch.  Maybe you play video games where the characters speak in rhyme?  How about something like where they use Google Earth to "be" where the stories are?  What about other modern music lyrics, or something more rooted in your personal history?  Marketing contains lots of catchy stuff too.  What about something that's never been done?  What if poetry were merely a series of clues in a game?  For business people, what about evaluating product "jingles" and catchphrases, or maybe children's books to find the most successful patterns, and then write your own?  Then, what are the skills and interests you have or need to acquire to make this happen?

The process we'll follow is simple:
  1. Brainstorm ideas about meaningful, interesting, real things YOU want to do.   YOUR JOB: creatively integrate poetry with some technology.
  2. Plan the "big parts" of what you need to get done, then the steps to get each part done, the substeps to ge the steps done, and assign people and dates to do them.
  3. Get to work.  We'll reflect each day on what happened, what didn't happen, and what the next day's priorities are.  Sometimes you'll need to change direction, by adding cool things, or trimming the project down.
  4. Be ready to present.  Yes, actually present this to someone, maybe a few people!  Therefore, make it something you're proud of, and WANT to show off.
General Calendar/Due Dates:
  • Jan. 4 we begin with brainstorming, just thinking about what we can do.  You will also be introduced to 3DS Max Design software (see the note below**) 
  • Jan. 5 - clear evidence of brainstorming from Jan. 4, with a personal reflection of what you liked, didn't like, and additional ideas that were not expressed.  You should add at least 10 unique ideas or thoughts.
  • Jan. 6 - refine list of possible projects with strengths, weaknesses of each, based on resources available, possibly assign groups today
  • Jan. 7 - short list of projects and general plans that each would require, and we pick one before we leave!  Create a work Google site for you and your team, for planning, etc., and share it with your team and teachers.  In the email that shares the site, use "Poetry Project" in the email subject.  This is not your final product site, this is just for planning.  Your final product should be something different than this.
  • Over the weekend, add more detail to your plans.  This can be done in writing, but must be part of your "Planning Site".  Your project has some "big items", and each of those has small steps, in order.  WHO is doing WHAT by WHEN?
  • Starting Jan. 10, we will pause at 9:45 each day for "reflection": what went well that day, what is the main goal for after school or tomorrow, and who is doing it?  These daily reflections will be graded at least twice per week.
  • Week of Jan. 10 should have some attempts made, and you'll probably need to update the "big picture".  Make your changes, record them on your planning site.
  • By Jan. 19 we should see substantial work done.  Each person will present their contributions, challenges and goals for the remaining two weeks.
  • The week of Jan. 31 - Feb. 4 will be presentation week.  That is, you will, in some way, share your work with someone outside of class, and receive their feedback.  
  • Rubrics for Final Products will be created when you choose your project.  We'll create them together.
During this whole time, Language Arts will be held "college style" with 3 lectures per week.  **You will also be introduced to 3DS Max Design, a very cool software used in simulations and gaming.  You don't have to use 3DS Max in your project, you will just be asked to demonstrate accomplishment of each of the tutorials, then a unique, personal project.  You can apply any technology to the "Poetry Project".

Standards for this project:  
  • For Language Arts, the main standard is #8, dealing with Poetry, as listed in the Third Nine Weeks of the 9th Grade Timeline (click here).  You should also understand many of the others listed, such as proper reading and writing, etc.
  • We're going to focus on 3D drawing and animation, but there are many standards you'll address in technology (click here)

You will be evaluated in a variety of ways, as follows:
  • Twice-weekly reflection reviews (your reflection on your planning site, group site give each person the group grade, so collaborate on this!!).  You could be reviewed more often.
  • Peer reviews - you fairly evaluate each other
  • Self-reviews - you fairly evaluate yourself
  • Planning Site: in addition to reflections, should have major plans from beginning, how certain standards were addressed in the project, and link to final product.
  • Intermediate "drafts", for work accomplished midway through, etc.  We'll set these dates up as part of each groups' plan.
  • Final products using created rubrics
  • You will be evaluated on 21st Century skills, things like communication, teamwork, and more.  Click here for a sample rubric.
  • Additional assessment will take place for Language Arts, such as USATestPrep quizzes, etc.