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Keepin' it real - Project 7

posted Nov 8, 2010, 7:42 AM by Michael Reilly   [ updated Nov 10, 2010, 5:27 PM ]
In general, people have opinions, people like to be heard, people are creative.  Also, the world (whatever you might define that to be) isn't perfect: our grades, the economy, scraps of paper on the hall floor, people with no food, the list is infinite and seems eternal.
What motivates you?  What makes you angry or sad or happy or excited?  Are you ready to solve something with those emotions? 
The Language Arts Standards for Project 7 are focused on Non-fiction for Language Arts.  More specifically, it focuses on Standards 7, 32, 33 and 34, and includes many of the other standards as regular skills to use and understand.  In addition, this is a Performance Final grade for your technology classes, so you need to show off a few technologies in one project, and this will become 10% of your technology class grade.  Review the Standards for both Web and Design, and identify those you used in this project.
What's expected:
  • You will be working solo, unless you are invited by Mr. Reilly to a part of the "big group experiment".  Most people will be solo.
  • You should have a Google Site to keep track of your progress.  When creating a Google site, there is an updated template called "CDAT PBL 3" that might be helpful.  It lists the site requirements.
  • As mentioned above, your product should focus on non-fiction, and include a variety of technologies that you've learned.  This is more of a project that is developed based on research.  WE EXPECT AT LEAST 10 LEGITIMATE SOURCES OF RESEARCH FOR YOUR WORK.
  • After a brainstorming day on Tuesday, Nov. 9, your first step is to outline a "big picture" timeline, then more specific tasks in order.  Your timeline will be used for grading, so we're expecting you to plan intermediate steps.   Due Nov. 10, This plan is your first grade for this project, so plan well!!
  • You will be evaluated on your intermediate deadlines and goals, which would include your "next steps" plans.  Remember, all planning is just a guess, but you should know where your guess was wrong, and how to adjust for it.  YOU are telling us when to grade, and what to grade.
  • Both Language Arts and Technology have Standards about research, understand quality sources, quoting sources, etc.  Part of your grading will be proper citation, so keep track and only keep good stuff!!
  • We will have mini-seminars every other day to cover standards in Language Arts. 
  • On T-days we'll do 5-question USATestPrep covering these Standards too, which could help you incorporate them into your projects.  These quizzes will immediately be followed by reviews, to see what was right, what was wrong.
More info will be posted here based on your questions.  I know this seems vague.  However, if YOU can choose to focus YOUR interests and passions, this could be the best project yet!