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posted Mar 8, 2011, 5:45 PM by Michael Reilly   [ updated Mar 21, 2011, 5:07 AM ]
It's time to show the world what you have!  During the next few weeks (deadline of April 13,  about one month), you will be learning the essential skills of web development while developing your portfolio.  This is a sales tool to show off your skills with real products that you've created during the year.  You will also be reviewing research skills in Language Arts, and any citations and grammar in your site will be evaluated and graded.

One of my students from Boston, Helen Chan, has a very good example:
(Don't be intimidated, she already finished college and a few years in her career.)

Here are the stages we'll be going through:
  • Consider some designs.  It should reflect who YOU are, but also be attractive to possible employers, colleges, and others.  We're going to consider colors, fonts, proportions, and elements of design.  Your favorite and most impressive project could have a strong influence here.  Make sketches, lists, nothing official but ideas, links to stuff you like, and more.  (Due March 14, first thing that day.)
  • Create a "comp": a composite image, in Photoshop, that looks like your web page will look. This becomes a reference for all of the web development you'll be doing, your style guide for all design.  You'll learn a bit more about Photoshop, but you should be recording specific color codes, font faces, font sizes, page measurements, and anything else that has to do with the look of your site. (Due beginning March 18)
  • We will review HTML coding, but also learn about "templates" and more advanced tools for Google Sites, that allow you to build pages quickly and more professionally.  Keep track of the fonts, colors, and other styles you'll be using, for a later CSS file. Make a page for each project.  Include a picture or something else visual, an honest description of what the project was about, how you felt about it. (Due early March 25). Here's an example of a page with a graphic and description: Be sure to scroll down.
  • Have a final draft of all of the pages of your site, with at least 1 completed page.  You should be using the same style (fonts, colors, etc.) in all pages, and have all of your files stored appropriately, with clear names.  Most pages should be based on the same look/template, so it's easier to make.  In addition, have an AKS page that lists each AKS, and where you can find each AKS demonstrated (Due March 31 or April 1).
  • Have a great, relaxing Spring Break!
  • If time allows, add some "cool" features like slideshows, etc. This is the kind of "extra effort" that merits an "A".  (Due April 12)
  • On April 13, you deliver!  First, during the day, we practice talking about your site, your accomplishments. We're inviting your parents, community members, CDAT advisors and others to view your work, interview you about YOU and your CDAT experience. 
  • See the Web AKS (attached below) for a checklist when reviewing your site.
We begin March 9, so start your ideas rolling!
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