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General Info

This page is for some of the more typical documents and answers you'd expect from a course.  It's sparse to start, because YOU will have a say in what's here, and in most other places.

Your instructors: Mr. Reilly and Ms. Buffington

Hours:  7:10-10:04 (Periods 1 - 3)

Expectations:  The professional atmosphere of a creative company, with the requirements of school regulations.

  • Language Arts
  • Web Development and Design
  • Digital Media and Animation
AKS' can be found here for Language Arts and Web Development (p.  and p.  , respectively):$file/2009-10_High_School_Complete_AKS.pdf

AKS' can be found here for the Digital Media and Animation course (p. 20):$file/GraysonMaxwell_Complete_AKS_FINAL.pdf