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What a cool week!

posted Oct 17, 2010, 4:16 PM by Michael Reilly
First of all, it was a short week, so we were all a bit more rested for the week to come. Students were wrapping up their initial exposure to the suite of Adobe video production softwares (Premier Pro, SoundBooth and AfterEffects). While we had some technical glitches, the key goal was achieved: allow students to discover their passions.  A lot of students really hooked into these technologies, and we'll be using them for a while.  Their project outlines are due Monday, to submit for approval before moving on.

On Thursday, we took the first field trip in Lanier High School history, to Meggitt Training Systems. (Click here for their website, watch the cool video on it.)  Peter Longstaff was an amazing host, and allowed the students to ask questions, get their hands on demonstration products, and he even fed us!  If you don't know Meggitt Training Systems, their business is focused on re-tooling real weapons to shoot with air instead of bullets, and to add technologies to help train the shooter. This combination of hardware and software engineering is SO inspiring, especially for our focus on Design and Technology.  Even Mrs. Wing got to stop by, as she and Mrs. Buffington held off a virtual car-bomb assault on a base in Afghanistan.

Friday was another cool day, with a visit from Ms. Bre Humphries, Managing Editor of Points North Magazine.  She lives in our school cluster area, and was impressed by our efforts in "The Legacy", our online news magazine.  She visited with the CDAT students involved in the development of the site, and gave them tips on article writing, scheduling and expectations.  What she thought was simple and basic from Journalism school was incredibly helpful and guiding wisdom for us.  We hope to work with her on a semi-regular basis throughout the year, and we can do so virtually, as our online news magazine is a content-management system that allows her to preview articles, make suggestions and edits, from any internet connection.

So I can't wait to hear the ideas of the students tomorrow, on how they are going to portray an "epic".  I'm sure we'll have a variety of concepts, and some will be posted here for those at home to follow along.  We also hope to do some summative/standardized assessment this week, and evaluate our students from a purely data-centric model.  We'll post that too, within reason (see FERPA).