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Week 3, 4, then reality

posted Jul 31, 2010, 2:37 AM by Michael Reilly
We're wrapping up Week 3 in the camp, and I think it's been an amazing place for reflection.  It's been wonderful to have others to discuss all of this with and just let it fly.

We had been using the PBL wiki for our work, but at the suggestion of Telannia (a teammate), we made a Google Site for our draft work: .  Yes, I'm a huge fan of Google Sites, as you're reading one right now!  The topic is relevant, flexible and we think interesting (of course, it would help to have a 9th grader's opinion).   Suzie Boss, one of the leaders of the camp and well-respected voice in the PBL world thought it was great!  We have been asked to present our work at the conclusion of camp, and possibly submit it to a Federal Grant.

There are still some challenges.  For example, our team has discussed collaborating across States (Wisconsin, Oklahoma, Georgia), to work on this particular project together.  My gut tells me we need to work independently on PBL first, to learn our class dynamics before incorporating a larger collaborative aspect.  I do start before them, and have more hours, so I have the least risk.  But the question remains, and where do we go from here?

One week left in camp, then school starts the Monday after that.  (Insert dramatic sound here).  A whole new level of excitement, here we go!