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This week: Race cars, Autodesk, SMITE, Electric Cars

posted Oct 2, 2015, 12:14 PM by Michael Reilly
This is definitely one of those busy weeks, the kind that go by like cars on a racetrack. And probably because we had a race car on campus!

CDAT was very fortunate to have the Mazda Motorsports team on campus, and they gave a great presentation on STEM for our students!  From the obvious tech involved in cars to driver nutrition and renewable diesel fuel, a very cool show.  To top it off, the Mazda Corporation, represented by Thomas Condon, donated $2,500 to the program.  And not to be outdone, Geoff Lee, President of RoadAtlanta, gave a ticket to EVERY CDAT student to attend Petit LeMans this weekend!

That was Tuesday, just before the County video crew arrived to get footage about our cluster's receiving an Innovation Award for our vertical approach to sharing and education.

On Wednesday, we got a nice link from the Autodesk Corporation, a neat story on our ladies who have submitted their design patent.  An amazing and simple use of TinkerCAD, the free online tool for 3D work.  Reilly had done a webinar a week earlier on creative technology careers.

Thursday was fun:  we brought about 10 students to HiRez Studios to meet with their marketing and social media folks, and to learn their tips on promoting the game SMITE.  The students will be developing their own approach of online marketing and using social media tools and analytics to increase SMITE awareness and participation.  Who doesn't like video games?!

Now we're wrapping up the week, getting ready for MakerFaireATL!  In particular, the conference on Saturday, where we will be learning a lot, and sharing some of what we do.  Always fun and easy to brag on the students' accomplishments!  We're thankful for Jim Ellis Chevrolet for supporting our new electric go-kart initiative, and AZZ-WSI for the mentoring and advice!

Who knows what next week will bring...