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Saturday Morning QB, Aug. 21

posted Aug 21, 2010, 11:44 AM by Michael Reilly
Reflection is a good thing, and so nice to revisit such amazing events and experiences! (I was told by a former GCPS teacher of the year to use more exclamation marks.  Thanks Deb!!)

It was a busy week in CDAT Land:  Tuesday we had our first Board of Advisors meeting (see the list in the menu), on Wednesday we met up with our NGHS counterparts and showed them the CDAT space, and Thursday we had a visit with the Board of Ed, Superintendent, and his Cabinet.  In short, it was awesome!  Our advisors had some great critiques and suggestions, and have amazing ideas and initiatives that we can get moving on right away.  Our NGHS folks are wonderful to have as collaborators, and we look forward to a great year together.  The Board of Ed seemed very happy with our space and our start, and we can show them even more each week.

Our CDAT students have had 2 weeks of "activity-based learning", where we tell them what to do, when to have it done, with some room for creative expression. (Parents, be sure to take a look, they can show you online.)  Now they move on to real stuff: authentic projects of their choosing/creation, where they manage deadlines, responsibilities and coverage of the County standards.  If "the third time's the charm", then Project 3 is our launching point for pure PBL.  

Not all students will be completely successful right away, and some might blow us away with their talents.  The point is that we are teaching project management and 21st century skills (see in addition to the Language Arts and Technology AKS standards.  Can you imagine these 9th graders having the capacity to lead student teams with efficiency, with methods to track and manage projects, and reflect on the process after delivering a quality product on time?  I can, that's the goal.

I'm looking forward to this week so much, Mrs. Buffington and I love working with our CDAT students!  It's our deep hope that they feel and see our support at this significant time, and exceed our wildest expectations.  This group of 30 9th graders can significantly change the local educational system with their success.  Woohoo!!! Isn't that cool?!