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Relay for Life, Science Fair, State Farm

posted Nov 17, 2015, 6:13 PM by Michael Reilly
We had a busy November so far!  We've had our largest 9th grade class yet, with about 140 students, and a grand total of about 440 students in CDAT.  A long way since our first group of 30 in 2010.  With the size we both change AND stay the same.  Our group stays the same in that we're always doing some type of project, always pushing the kids to communicate, collaborate, discover their interests and be great.  We also change in that we reflect, try to improve, all the time.

For the first time in our history, we tried an Academy-wide project focused on charity: the Relay for Life "Carnaval del Dia de los Muertos - A Celebration of Life".  Kids of all ages had a great time playing carnival games, most of which were actually a math and technology project!  From human-sized Jenga to magic tricks, pneumatic guns and card games, a very cool night!  CDAT raised $1700 for Relay, a very strong first charity event!  Thanks to Lanier Middle for letting us host at your place!

You might notice the State Farm logo on our Relay logo.  That's because State Farm and CDAT are now working together!  State Farm noticed so many of the great things our kids are doing, they wanted to support it, to help nurture it, to be "a good neighbor".  On Nov. 12, they officially gave us a check for $15,000 in order to support CDAT and helping kids learn STEM.  We both look forward to working together, and the possibility of a long relationship.

State Farm officials were really blown away when they came on Nov. 12, because we were also announcing our Science Fair award winners.  We will have approximately 25 students moving onto the County Science Fair, led by our winners, 9th graders Camryn and Britney, who had an amazing project of reclaiming runoff farm water.  

Look out Gwinnett, look out Georgia, CDAT is coming!