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Registering for CDAT and other good news

posted Mar 25, 2012, 5:59 PM by Michael Reilly
We're almost done with registration at Lanier, and CDAT is a big part of it.  We do not filter who can, and who cannot attend, and never want to.  We do have some preferences though:  we want to represent the school.  The current enrollment is looking like we might get what we want to.  Our incoming 9th grade looks to be more than one-third female, which is a great jump.  I want to give a lot of credit to our current 9th grade CDATers to participating in the information sessions, and showing that's not just for geeky guys (like me)!
Students who'd still like to join up for CDAT will need to note that option when they are asked to confirm their elective classes on March 28.  Anyone is welcome to email Mr. Reilly ( if you have any questions.
On other fronts:  we beat the tests again, now 8 out of 8!!  On the midterm exams (written by the County) for both Math and Language Arts for our 9th graders, we beat the school AND County again!  The numbers are still coming in, but I believe we did it in 10th grade as well!!
And while we're at it, let's win some college scholarships.  3 of our 9th graders won 1st Place in the category of "Best Implementation" in the Technology Association of Georgia's Web Challenge!  They won $1,500 for their mobile learning site teaching math concepts using video demonstrations.  Way to go CDATers!!