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Real stuff keeps going!

posted Aug 23, 2015, 11:32 AM by Michael Reilly
One of our major principles is "authenticity".  Sure, if we were cool, it would be phrased "keepin it real", but we're STEM focused so let's use as many syllables as possible.  

How, you might ask, are we authentic?  We have had some excellent opportunities for our kids this summer, as well as already this Fall.  During the summer, we had a small crew of CDAT students working on set with Walter Biscardi, as he was hired by Gwinnett County Water to produce a cool series on the water cycle.  After all, Gwinnett is known for its recycling, and Walter is known for his movies.  Not only did some CDAT students get paid to work the set, they have mention on the credits AND we did it in our own CDAT labs.  Who knew setting up a science experiment could earn cash!

Then, as our year began, we went out on DAY 1 (!!!) of school to HiRez Studios.  They needed some of our kids to test one of their latest games, Jetpack Fighter (can't say any more, signed a non-disclosure agreement).  They had a great time, got some shirts and stuff, and we will have about 10 of them interning at HiRez to do internet evaluation and promotion of HiRez games, and those of the competition.  "Yes Mom, these video games are schoolwork".

We are SO thankful for these amazing advisors, as they help us to create these internships for our students.  Our teens are ready for authenticity, they thrive in the real challenge!