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Poetry in 3D

posted Jan 25, 2011, 6:26 PM by Michael Reilly
Our students are well underway, even after a week off due to snow.  For those up north, we don't even have salt trucks or plows!  It is cool sledding in the streets with the kids.

The current CDAT assignment is to learn poetry and 3D Animation.  Some student teams have decided to combine the two, some are trying to get one or both out of their life and move on to technologies they love.  I have found that most teens like poetry a lot, and it's showing.  The due dates were not moved by the week off, they need to get used to adjusting schedules and delivering.

From my standpoint, we teachers have focused much more on helping them plan their day together every day.  So many assumptions needed to be thrown out since the beginning of the school year, and their knowledge of common sense planning is one of them.  Every day, 7:10am, the bell rings and teams get together to plan their day based on a review of the day before.  It's pretty cool.

We had a great visitor last Friday: Mike Dudgeon, newly elected to the State House of Reps in Georgia, and recently appointed to the Education Committee!  It was a thrill for me to speak with Mike about our ideas, wins and challenges.  It was even more exciting to have the students give their "30 second speech", and then discuss the trials of managing groups and teammates, with proper planning and adjustments.  Some of their work was amazing, and the variety was astounding.  Mike was impressed not only by the work and the communication/management skills, but also by the diversity of students and consistent efforts in the room.  We believe this can be done anywhere, but it has to be meaningful to the people involved.

More guests will be showing up soon, to review the final poetry products of our students.  After all, it's our job to get these kids ready for the real world.  Well, let's bring some real world to the kids right now.  I'll do my best to take pictures, videos, etc. of these visits, and some of the visitors may surprise you!