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My Second Initial Reflections on PBL Camp

posted Jul 14, 2010, 7:39 PM by Michael Reilly
The online PBL camp supported by edutopia has been great, and I've only been in it for about 5 hours.   My CDAT work has involved a lot of solo time, and a lot of details.  This is a complete contradiction to my very high interpersonal learning style, and my "high DI" leadership style. I'm using this note to post my meta-reflections.

We set up our technologies: wiki page, twitter, tweetchat, delicious account, and it seems like more. Not too challenging for me, but I wonder about non-geeks, about kids.  But, it makes sense to set up your communication tools first.  Maybe we will do them a bit more spaced-out for our CDAT kids.

We also set up a small personal bio, and more personal reflection was encouraged.  Seems logical too, in that people like to share, like to feel a sense of community. 

It seems "doable", "accomplish-able", which is pretty important, to establish confidence and comfort. 

One thing I'm not a fan of right now is the unthreaded discussion board.  It's hard to follow someone, but maybe that's intentional.  Maybe it's not time to work yet, just think.
For those who don't know edutopia, check out the description here: