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More News About CDAT

posted Nov 12, 2013, 2:22 PM by Michael Reilly
If you haven't seen it by now, we thought we'd share some of the recent news about CDAT in a couple of places!

The Gwinnett Daily Post recently did a story about the vertical expansion of project-based learning, starting with CDAT at Lanier High, but also now recreated in White Oak Elementary's InTECC program as well as the "TWIST" program at Lanier Middle School.  By next year we will be a grades 4-12 model of project-based learning.  We also hope to present this at the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) in 2014, as their conference will be held in Atlanta.

And it was a great experience for Univision to come by Lanier, White Oak and other schools.  The students really enjoyed watching the teachers with a Spanish-speaking voice dubbed over theirs.  It was exciting for us to see some of our students speaking so excitedly about CDAT in their native language.

Finally, our robotics team, which is open to non-CDAT but is primarily CDAT students, won the State Championship in FIRST Robotics this Fall!  It's a tournament called the Georgia Robotics Invitational Tournament and Showcase (with the classy acronym GRITS), and it was a gathering of all teams in Georgia based on the FIRST Robotics tournament from the previous Spring (we were Finalists there).  Not bad for a rookie year.

Our next robotics season kicks off on January 4, and we've got some aggressive plans for our second year!

We are already making plans for next Fall, and we will be sharing that information soon.  It is easy to say that we are expecting more students to become involved in CDAT and in project-based learning, and that our standards for success in academic and extracurricular accomplishments remain just as high.  And in our next update, we hope to release the first Android game produced by CDAT, a fun stress reliever for sure!