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MMXI Starts Up

posted Jan 7, 2011, 3:29 AM by Michael Reilly   [ updated Jan 7, 2011, 4:28 AM ]
I don't know why I'm infatuated with Roman numerals, maybe it was the millenium thing 10 years ago.
CDAT started up again with a sprint!  We're digging our teeth into poetry for our first language arts focus and project.  In addition, the kids are getting some experience with Autodesk 3DS Max Design software.  As usual, they don't have to use 3DS Max Design for this current project, they can revert to a preferred technology.  They just have to demonstrate their ability to use it.
We're also pushing more specific project management and professional delivery this semester.  On our Resources page is more guidance in project planning and brainstorming, and students will be presenting their work outside of the room.  Their presentation audience could be the study-body, local politicians, we're even going to have a local record producer check out one of them!
In addition to the current projects, CDAT is planning for next year.  We're considering a modified 9th grade option that adds Math to replace one of our Tech credits, giving us Math, Language Arts and Digital Media.  For 10th graders, we're considering a combination of Social Studies and Language Arts (both are World-focused), and any technology class a student wants to tie with it.  That could create some interesting stuff!
We've also had some cool visitors that have been very encouraging:  Suzie Boss came to check out a few of our schools including CDAT, Dr. Olive came out from UGA to see what we're up to, and we hope to have a few more folks out this month.  In short, we believe CDAT is working.  And, as it was planned to be organic and change with our clientele and feedback, it's evolving well.
Wish us luck in 2011, we think we're going to do well!