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Making Friends and Projects

posted Jul 19, 2010, 8:57 AM by Michael Reilly
Into Week 2, we're making stuff!  I am surprised by the lower numbers of folks jumping out of the gate to get started, but I'm East Coast, it's only Monday, patience young grasshopper...
However, there are a few of us itching to get going, and we all seem to share a 9th grader level, and an interest in Literacy with different twists.  They've accepted my invitation to play, which is very exciting, but it also brings up a curiosity on how to form good teams.  What I did was throw out an invitation, and afterwards threw out some ideas I had about my "driving question". 
It seems like a shared passion about a driving question would be the motivator, just as it would be with the kids, eh?  In addition, I wonder about personality types.  One of my favorite assessments was the DISC assessment, about leadership styles.  I'm a "high DI", which means I'm into huge ideas, but not so great on details.  But now that I know it, I no longer get frustrated with detail-oriented people, I see them as assets to my weaknesses.
Also, our students will have passions about the product they're going to deliver.  Our product is more vague, more general to allow their personalization of it, and really is the "driving question", the motivator, and needs to be the primary rallying cry for our teacher group. 
Finally, I wonder how big the group could be?  Crowdsourcing is huge, look at Wikipedia, BarCamps and more.  Can we make a project that has every subject listed, and teachers can choose which subject standards they want to address, and ignore others?  It's like giving someone a full toolchest, but they only need a wrench and some pliers. (Okay, everyone loves duct tape, except, ironically, ducts.)  We might just try this out...