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posted Jul 25, 2015, 4:41 AM by Michael Reilly   [ updated Jul 25, 2015, 4:42 AM ]
When we last left our heroes, the year was wrapping up with a frenzy.  Our year culminated with a regional "STEM Maker Fest" hosted at Lanier, with an estimated 1,500 visitors to see "makers" from LHS, but also our cluster schools and local engineers and geeky hobbyists.  It was a wonderful celebration of science combined with creativity!

On the day before the event, we also received word from our intellectual property attorney (so cool to say!) that 3 of our 10th grade girls (Savannah, Lauren, Macy) were officially "patent pending" on their makeup applicator design!!  So proud of these young ladies, proving that if you identify a problem, work hard on a solution, and persist through the details, you can do great things!  While it may have happened before, we're still not aware of another high school student in Georgia receiving a patent.  We hope to hear from the US Patent Office this Fall...

And now on to the Fall of 2015.  CDAT will be growing once again:  we anticipate 450 CDAT students this year, a  1500% increase from our wonderful original cohort of 30.  We will also be adding a new tech teacher, 2 Math teachers, a full-time Special Education teacher, and more here and there.  We have established a new system for our 12th graders, where they will be in either internships or dual enrollment for half of the day, which is so exciting.  If the purpose of high school is to get you to your post-secondary destination, we're getting it done!

Stay tuned for more exciting news, we have a few things planned already which should be astounding!!