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HiRez and

posted Apr 27, 2011, 6:01 PM by Michael Reilly   [ updated Apr 27, 2011, 6:26 PM ]
The last field trip of the year, and it was pretty cool!

Todd Harris, COO of HiRez Studios and CDAT Advisor, was very generous in hosting our entire group.  We started off with an overview of how HiRez operates, how games are developed, various roles in the company, and more (which means "lunch!").  While HiRez has a huge reputation for the very successful game Global Agenda, Todd also shared a great deal of information about their new games in development, Tribes Ascend and SMITE.  Sorry, but we can't tell you anything about them other than they are amazing!
 After talking with artists, programmers, business managers and more, they then got to play TribesAscend for about 30 minutes.  It was interesting to have the students clearly understand their first "NonDisclosure Agreement", and the value of intellectual property after playing TribesAscend. Mrs. Wing also stopped by to visit, and jumped right in there!  Yes, we have the coolest Principal in Gwinnett, playing a multiplayer shooter with her students! 

Tribes Ascend from HiRez Studios

It's trips like these that are so inspirational to our students, and clarification for their direction.  We can't thank people like Todd Harris of HiRez, Peter Longstaff of Meggitt, and the folks at NCR enough for their efforts to inspire kids at their workplaces.  We know that 2011-2012 will be just as cool and inspirational, if not more!