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Here comes Year 3...

posted Jul 25, 2012, 5:46 PM by Michael Reilly
And we're doing pretty well, with a lot of work to do.  In general, CDAT is headed in the right direction.  "Design" and "Technology" are at the core of US business growth, and our relationship in Gwinnett and Georgia create a winning environment for what we do.  Marc Andreesen mentioned the need for more "design" of our "technology" in the US, as that's where the money and jobs go. (For those who don't know, he invented the web browser that showed pictures, graphics, etc., beyond just text, a pretty useful tool!) See the video here:

We get to welcome almost 80 9th graders to our program this year, and we are so excited about our choice to work with Science.  We did well with Math, but so many of our students did optional projects for Science, and it's so open to visual tools, it seems like a huge opportunity for us.  In addition, we're using Science with our rising 10th graders as well, and we're adding our 11th grade year with close to a full-day approach.  Dr. Brooks Baggett is coming on to work with them in Social Studies, and we will be presenting actual products to earn revenue by Jan. 2013.

Other cool things are happening (mentioned in Suzie Boss' new book about PBL, "Bringing Innovation to School", invited to speak at Autodesk University in Las Vegas about CDAT, and more), but we're most excited about the success we've seen and established, and refining the model.

Many people choose homeschooling for reality, flexibility, efficiency, effectiveness that they feel might not be found in schools.  I like to think about CDAT as "schoolhomeschool": resources of the school, but the same attempt to incorporate the positives of homeschooling.  And one of those realities is entrepreneurship, which will be a main focus of our 11th graders.  Finally, it's also about community: we get busy here, sometimes too busy to ask for help.  We truly appreciate those who would like to be involved, and would like to do a better job of making that happen.  You can email me (Mike Reilly at if you'd like to get involved in some way, and we also aim to have a "CDAT Orientation" soon after school starts.

This year, like our first two, will be great.  We will learn how to improve some things, and shout our successes from the mountain top, and always focus on a great education for our students.