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Here Comes 17-18!

posted Jul 21, 2017, 12:04 PM by Michael Reilly
On August 7, we start it up again!  Last year we had great results in so many ways:  State and County tests were rocked by our students in Math, Science, Language Arts and more.  You probably saw the Patent Awarded to some of our young ladies, and we had so many other great things happen.

The next year we have some great goals to refine our process, and make things like "getting a patent" become more of the norm than the exception.  We are most excited about the return to a clear block of time for our 9th and 10th graders, and we are going to build on an amazing first year of our Junior Capstone.

It was exciting to learn that we are part of a college course's curriculum:  Western Governor's University is using a chapter from the book "Deeper Learning".  We are considered a great example of how to integrate project-based learning.  This is one of 4 books that use CDAT as an example of project-based learning, but we are going to be even better than that!  After all, we have not achieved "100% Exceeds" for every student, yet.

And we are very happy to continue our relationship with State Farm IT.  They have been an amazing support for us, and our relationship is quickly becoming the goal for others in our district.

For anyone new to CDAT, we can't wait to meet you!  For those returning, bring your ideas on what to keep, what to improve, because this is a community effort!  

Finally, this is an exciting year for another reason:  our original "CDATers" should be graduating college this year!!  We hope to track them down and see who is doing what.  We know some chose other routes, and some are graduating early, but they're still our pioneers.