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Great start to the year

posted Aug 13, 2011, 5:38 AM by Michael Reilly
An amazing start to the second year of CDAT.  Sure, we had the normal confusion of kids "what am I doing?" type reactions from some, as they are not used to such freedom to create using their academic knowledge.  On the 10th grade level, our CDAT veterans are going to pick up the pace to show others how to implement this, and some new folks have really latched on (we had a fun conversation about "Cash Cab", and some kids will be filming in some odd off-site locations soon).

On the 9th grade level, we started them off with a bang, and they responded so well!  On the 4th day of school, we had a "Carnival in the Commons", with the CDAT9 students competing for votes for the "Best Game".  Imagine that, 9th graders presenting their games and promoting them to half of the student body on their 4th day of high school!  It was an amazing effort in creativity, organization, planning, communication, presentation.

I'm so excited about Week 2, about the products we'll see in development.  By this time, the CDAT9 kids will have developed their own websites with appropriate hexadecimal color designs, reviewed personalized PE/Health plans for the year, reviewed the major families of mathematical functions, and all of this involving their Language Arts skills of reading and writing for research and documentation.  Along the way, CDAT10 students will be underway digesting massive amounts of information about the Neolithic Era and foundations of societies in producing their own digital media interpretations through video, 3D simulation and music technology.

In short, we learned a lot last year, and these students are jumping out of the gate at an even faster, more effective pace.  So exciting!  Stay tuned for pictures and movies!

In a previous post, I mentioned great news coming.  I've told some people about it, but can't do press on it yet.  But it's coming!