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Great 2017, but always looking forward

posted Dec 20, 2017, 4:35 AM by Michael Reilly
We had a great year of 2017 for CDAT, with additional accolades and even more discoveries about how we work.

First cool thing was our recognition by the Partnership for 21st Century Learning as an "Exemplar" in 21st Century Learning skills.  What does that mean?  Their description states: 

P21 seeks to identify, document, promote and celebrate examples of 21st century learning initiatives that successfully prepare students for college, career and life.  

We applied for this as a cluster of schools, which they call a "district", and we are the first group of schools in Georgia (ever!) to be recognized for this high-demand skillset. (

Next up, we are a finalist at the Future of Educational Technology Conference in Orlando, Florida.  We are one of three high schools from the nation competing for the STEM Excellence Award.  According to their site, 

"The FETC STEM Excellence Awards recognize excellence and innovation in the field of STEM education at the primary, middle and high school levels, with winners selected from each level. STEM Excellence Awards applications are evaluated based on the use of Interdisciplinary Curriculum, Collaboration, Design, Problem Solving and the STEM Experiences offered."   

These opportunities are so appreciated, and a great recognition of what we do.  That was the best part:  we didn't have to do something new, just show what we do already.  We are most proud of the fact that we do all of this for ANY student who wants to join us, no filter at all.

2018 will surely bring more opportunities for our students and teachers to shine in so many areas.  Reflecting on these accomplishments is great for publicity, but even better for our motivation as we try to serve our students and teachers.  

Thanks to our supporters, from Gwinnett County Public Schools to State Farm's IT group, and so many more.

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