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Gettin' Goin'

posted Jul 25, 2010, 6:19 PM by LHS AppsAdmin
It's been an interesting week.  Some might call it frustrating, but the sociologist in me is interested in the big picture.  You can tell by the frequency on the discussion boards that the initial excitement has ebbed a bit, or vacations have kicked in, or maybe some intimidation, or maybe one big salad of the above.
It has been cool connecting with some other folks off of the boards, getting groups together.  We've had some issues trying to get together, but we're going to try and meet up virtually Tuesday night.  What for, not sure.  I have started a document, and we do have some assignments.  However, we're now working into Week 3, and there's more work to come:  We're on track, all is good.
We may just use this project as our first project in CDAT.  Why not, it's been developed in an edutopia group, that's got to say something!  This class has made me more excited and confident in CDAT, it's the right thing to do.