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Frustration with Google, Happy with Autodesk

posted Nov 20, 2012, 5:22 AM by Michael Reilly
(This will begin frustrated, but end happy, I swear.)

Okay, so we launched our YouTube Channel ForgotToStudy and were using it as a tool to teach US History, Language Arts, and Entrepreneurship through technology, with TONS of 21st century skills built in.  We had about 300 views almost immediately, even earned $10 in ads to spark excitement!  Then, Google shut us down.  They claimed we performed "click-fraud" or some other violation, no ads allowed anymore.  After 4 days!

Did we?  Certainly not intentionally, unless one of our kids/supporters got overzealous.  The most frustrating part is that this is a learning opportunity for our kids in so many ways, and Google's refusal of our appeal is a refusal to learn from mistakes. Even more frustrating is that I can't get in touch with a living Google person to understand this educational project, to help us teach this lesson.  AND, they claim their data points to click-fraud, but they don't have enough data to tell me why.  You have enough data to make a decision, but not enough to tell me why you made a decision?!

So, we will dust ourselves off and take a look at our options, like any good business would do, which is a lesson in itself.  Perseverance!! (Can you feel this turning more positive?)  

Also, starting off the Thanksgiving Break, we found out that Brayan Byrdsong won GaTech's Fall Scratch Programming Contest - Individual Game Category (see his game here:   Brayan is a very smart, high-energy individual, and decided to do this all on his own, and won out of 23 entries.  Amazing skills!

And finally, it's off to the Autodesk Conference to present the cool things our kids are doing.  I will be at and share at their Education Conference on Monday, along with some really cool people in the educational technology world.  Our use of the Autodesk software to teach non-technology subjects is of high interest to Autodesk, a unique technique that's only found in CDAT!

So, we're very thankful for all of our cool tools, our space and freedom to create and learn at Lanier.  While we've had a setback in our YouTube channel experiment, it's just so cool that we're even doing a YouTube channel as schoolwork!!  There's only more great things to come the rest of this year, in 2013, and in our long-term future.  Enjoy the week, and be sure to keep the NYC/NJ area folks as well as other needy people in your thoughts and prayers.  You don't have to look far to see people in need.  Hmmm, maybe CDAT should do something about that....