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From Water to Poseidon

posted Oct 11, 2010, 12:20 PM by Michael Reilly
We finished up our water projects after about 3 weeks (keep in mind, we're a 3-hour per day block).  We ended up with some really cool projects, great experiences with real speakers, and a good perspective on our water situation.  I was particularly passionate about making sure our students could write an article about it for our student-body, in our online news "The Legacy" (  I'd love to report something glorious on the first draft, but we have a little way to go.  Good article, just after a few drafts.  I've been told over and over my expectations of 9th graders are too high.  Oh well, I could have worse problems.  I'll work on it.
Next up, we're onto something classic, with a twist.  We're covering "The Odyssey", a favorite of Ms. Buffington, and the ultimate epic poem.  The general goals for the students:  understand the core features of an epic, and then interpret it with your choice of media.  They will also be learning the Adobe products Premier Pro, AfterEffects and SoundBooth, which are all professional-level movie editing softwares.  However, they don't have to make a movie, they can do whatever else they'd like.  The students do have to demonstrate that they are proficient (or more) with those softwares, but not necessarily on the final product.  They can whip out a demonstration that they know them well enough, and use another medium for their version of "The Odyssey".
We're also going on our first class trip (maybe the first one for the whole school, ever) this Thursday, to Meggitt Training Systems.  This is a great example of a mix of engineering (mechanical, electrical, software), with concepts, game/simulation, and more.  It's just down the street, and I'm sure it will be something the students will remember for a very long time. 
I will try to post some links to some of the "epic" products produced by our students.  This week we finish up a review of "The Odyssey", next week begins their production!