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From outer space to the deep sea

posted Sep 21, 2014, 1:46 PM by Michael Reilly
    It's all about people in schools: the people we serve (aka, kids), our classroom educators, our administrators, our community.  So it's pretty important to get great people whenever possible, and one of our new GREAT people is at it again!
    Janelle Wilson, our new Engineering and Chemistry teacher, hosted a wildly successful communication for our students with the International Space Station.  It was so cool to have our students literally speaking with an astronaut in space!  And now she's going out to the deep blue sea!  This trip was supposed to be this summer, but the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association (NOAA) had to change it up.  Well she ships out to sea tomorrow.
    While we will miss her, Mrs. Wilson will be blogging from sea, as she does crazy stuff like count fish and other things.  Click here for her blog, and you are encouraged to comment!  If you act fast, you can vote on which stuffed bull from Longhorn country goes on the trip too.  As you can read in her blog, she will be able to share so many science and engineering concepts with her students while at sea and when she returns.  
    Maybe next time she'll take all of us on a class trip!