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Final Project of the Semester, already!

posted Nov 10, 2010, 5:27 PM by Michael Reilly
Time flies so fast.  I can't believe it's been almost two weeks since my last news blog.  I can't believe there are 4 weeks - 20 school days! - left before Final Exams!  I can't believe my daughter is 4 (sorry, proud Daddy tangent).

But it's true: we are starting our last project of the semester.  I hope to put up an "Epic Demonstration" page here to show off some of the last projects, maybe even all.  In the meantime, students have  begun a Non-fiction project (I prefer the term "reality").  We have about 8 students learning our Video Broadcast room as their project, and they will document it, record video tutorials, and create an online resource for others.  In doing so, they will have to research lighting, studio arrangement, green screen use, scheduling, teleprompters, transitions, etc., etc.

We have other students really getting into it.  While I told most they would need a solo project, 3 young ladies actually approached me, asked for a meeting, and made a strong case why they would do better as a group.  How about that!!  I gave them a "trial day" to see, and they truly impressed our Principal and a visiting Principal after one-hour's worth of work.  Sure, it's not all perfect, but we're seeing some great stuff here! (This blog is my official therapeutic device.)

And, in about one month, we have a special guest coming to visit us.  The kids may not care, but it's a PBL guru, and I can't wait!