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End of the year wins

posted Jun 10, 2014, 6:56 AM by Michael Reilly
The school year calendar has so many trends, and the end of the year has the combination of exhaustion with exhilarating accomplishment.  This year is no different, and we are SO proud of our kids and staff!  We crushed the End of Course Tests, with 100% pass becoming the norm (we missed one by 1 question, the others were all 100% pass), and our Exceeds beat our high expectations!  Our Exceeds now averages 70%:  72% in 9th Lang Arts, 78% in 11th Lang Arts, 67% in Biology, 80% in Economics, and an amazing 91% in US History!

And we did well in competitions too!  You can see our awards page, but some highlights include Best in State and National Semi-finalists for the Verizon App Challenge, winners of a State video contest, and more.  

Our seniors did GREAT in their first year of internships, editing video with Biscardi Creative, making movies for the United Way, trailers for HiRez Studios and so many others.

Then, the week after school, our staff partnered with the SREB and trained 240 teachers in Gwinnett County in project-based learning, which should affect thousands of students in 5 high schools.  Pretty cool that we started with 30 kids in the Fall of 2010, and now affect thousands.  So exciting!

Now it's on to ISTE and share what we do at another level.  We have a poster presentation on June 30 to discuss our K-12 vertical PBL alignment, and have recently been asked to co-present with Suzie Boss in her ISTE lecture (and ISTE Live web broadcast) - what an honor!

As we grow to 400 students next year, our next goal is to not only maintain the quality of our academy, but to push our students even more to develop the skills they will need for their future.  I think we're going to do it!