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edutopia Camp Conclusion

posted Aug 7, 2010, 6:12 PM by Michael Reilly
The Project-Based Learning camp by edutopia went by so fast!  I learned so much from those running the camp, the extensive links to discussions, articles, etc.  The combination of the Buck Institute's resources as well as the investment and guidance of edutopia were invaluable.  Thanks to Suzie Boss and Betty Ray for leading this, and I hope to work with them again and again.
It was an honor to represent our work group in the Final Webinar, to reflect on what we had experienced.  It's also a great encouragement to the choice we've made in trying to implement PBL in Gwinnett County.
Monday is Day 1 with our students.  While the researcher in me would love to jump out of the gate with some PBL projects, we'll most likely start with some pseudo-PBL.  That is, more activity-based than projects of student choice.  We need to get them familiar with tools, with terms, with high school!  After all, these are 9th graders, and it's pretty intimidating.  My hope is to be full PBL by the end of August.  I'm most interested to see how much input the students are willing to give.  I really want to hear it!
On a closing note, thanks to George Lucas!  While I never thought Star Wars could be topped (although Indiana Jones was so cool), he recently dedicated the majority of his fortune to education.  THAT'S a commitment to education, amazing stuff.