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Classes for 2012-2013 (updated 3/12/12)

posted Feb 28, 2012, 5:51 PM by Michael Reilly   [ updated Mar 12, 2012, 3:18 AM ]
Wow, planning for our third year, amazing!  We've seen great results, and are so excited to take our final exams (yes, excited to take tests), but we need to plan for the next year, as it is registration time!

First, students can elect to take CDAT again next year by just telling us during Arena Registration, which begins March 13.  We continue to learn more, and are so excited about the skills that will continue to develop!

Here are more specifics about the classes for next year. In summary: we are going to switch to Science for our 9th and 10th graders.  We have had a great experience with Math for 9th, beating the school and County average for all tests, but we feel that Science is a more visual experience that pairs with our digital media well.  We also chose to offer Science for our rising 10th graders, to create a continuum for the first 2 years, and because a large number of students requested it!  

Our juniors will be combining US History with their Language Arts and technology, and we welcome Dr. Brooks Baggett to our team!  Dr. Baggett has long been known as a top Social Studies teacher at Lanier, and at North Gwinnett before (he was the inaugural Teacher of the Year at Lanier!).  Mrs. Brittany Haddock will be leading the Language Arts for Juniors, and she brings a strong reputation to our Juniors:  she had the highest graduation test scores of any Language Arts teacher at North Gwinnett.  The goal for our juniors is to make truly entrepreneurial efforts: they should make money from their labors this year, which will entail more intense and longer projects.

On March 15, our rising 9th graders will come to Lanier for their elective course registration, and soon after that we will have our student counts for Year 3!  We fully expect to have higher scores than the school and County again!

A common question is "Can I/my child join CDAT later, if they missed a year?"  Each case is different, but generally we'd love to give them a chance.  After all, we're just trying to help kids learn.

Mr. Reilly will be available on the March 15 evening for questions, the CDAT room will be open, along with tours by students!