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Busy times ending the semester

posted Nov 12, 2011, 4:58 AM by Michael Reilly   [ updated Nov 12, 2011, 5:00 AM ]
Maybe you can tell by the time between posts (sorry!), but times have been busy in CDAT as we approach the end of the semester.  Projects are in full swing, and some cool events as well.  With Final Exams approaching, we're going to apply our aggressive approach to test taking (we take the test, it doesn't take us!) and once again dominate results (at least that's the plan).

On Nov. 11, Mr. Reilly was invited by Nicole Wright to address the Gwinnett Chamber of Commerce's Technology Forum to share what CDAT is doing as a partner in Gwinnett.  Lots of great sharing, and it should lead to even more opportunities for our CDAT students.  In addition, our students were asked to be on the front cover of VISION, the Gwinnett Chamber newsletter/magazine, posing along with our Principal, Ms. Wing. It's not online yet, but you can click here for the location when it is.

Minecraft Demo Video

In the past couple of weeks, our 10th graders have gotten involved with a local entrepreneur to evaluate the game Minecraft.  Trust me, there's an academic AND business concept to this.  It's a very popular game that could be really useful in schools too.  That's about all I can say right now, but having entrepreneurs interact with our kids is an amazing opportunity for our kids!  

Some of our students are still working on projects from an entrepreneurship camp held about a month ago!  While their initial project was proposed to Coca-Cola, another company has actually requested a demonstration!  Imagine what these kids can do after their sophomore year!

In another fun twist, work has begun with Georgia Tech on growing our Music Tech program next year.  We will be using a program called REAPER to teach Music Technology:  the creation of music using existing "loops" of sound files, but also writing Python programming code to have the computer create our music for us!

Finally, we're heading into a rapid series of events where CDAT will be shared with others: on December 1, we will present CDAT at the international Autodesk University conference in Las Vegas, then at the end of January we will share CDAT in Philadelphia with similar programs at educon24 held at the Science Leadership Academy.  Finally, we hope to hear in December about our proposal to present at ISTE2012 - the International Society for Technology in Education.  In sharing what we do, and developing connections with like-minded, progressive educators, we will continue to improve the CDAT concept for all.