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Both Worldwide and "Old School"

posted Sep 7, 2015, 3:33 PM by Michael Reilly
A fun couple of weeks, as usual!  We started our first major project of the year, "Innovation Nation!!" with our huge group of kids.  Okay, so it's really a huge focus on Science Fair, but a couple of us that we needed a cooler name than Science Fair.  ALL of us think STEM kids should ALL do Science Fair, we just wanted to spice it up a bit for those who might not see it as a "cool" thing.  Some great ideas are forming, we'll share them as we go.

While CDAT has a reputation for doing the cutting edge work, we are doing a bit of "old school" this year:  hammers and nails!  The theater department came to us about their set:  they did not have a strong stagecraft class, so they needed some help building a fairly large set.  Let's go!  After all, it's Engineering!  This has been a fun experience for our students in so many ways, and has been a great experience for math applications.  We have been cutting trapezoid and parellelogram carts, doing lots of degrees, inches, and so many other measures, both in virtual 3D and REAL 3D.  

Of course, we're still pushing the edge, we won't leave that fun behind!  On August 25, Mr. Reilly was named to the Board of Directors of Children International (, as an Education Specialist.  This is great for CDAT, as this gives us opportunities to make worldwide connections with disadvantaged kids, and understand third-world issues and entrepreneurship.  Our kids are even closer to making a worldwide impact.

In addition, on Sept. 15, Mr. Reilly (okay, I'm typing and it's weird to refer to myself in 3rd person) will be doing a live webcast on how we use Autodesk products in various ways.  The Autodesk company has been impressed with CDAT since our first year, and when you see what our kids can do, it is no surprise.  

As always, let us know if you'd like to get involved, this is a community!