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At CDAT, this is how WE do it

posted Feb 12, 2011, 5:48 AM by Michael Reilly
What a week!  We began the drama projects, and students have full choice of which technologies to use, nothing new during this span (don't worry, plenty more to come).  But the big treat was the person evaluating the poetry music products, Montell Jordan

While Montell is widely known for his #1 hits, especially "This is how we do it", he's also a very caring man with kids of his own, and he spent a generous amount of time with our students in CDAT.

He listened to their poetry projects in our Music Tech lab, outfitted with synthesizers, 27" iMacs, and wall speakers.  After listening, he offered compliments and constructive comments on each song, and those comments will effect their final project grade.  He also shared some current work of his, never heard by anyone before, and it should be out in about a year.  After hearing the song, it looks like he's going to have another #1 hit.

This was so motivational for our students, working during lunches and after hours to do their best.  It was hinted that Montell was coming a few weeks before, and the push was on!  Thanks once more to Montell, and we wish him luck as he and his wife Kristin have dedicated themselves to Victory World Church in Norcross.  Montell is a true role model in every way.