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Another milestone

posted Oct 10, 2014, 2:48 AM by Michael Reilly
Today is the day.  We started CDAT a long time ago, with the blessing of the County, to try a new way.  It wasn't solely our idea, it was a concept that could be applied, and it was already a curiosity of our district leaders.  And now it's going to be tried school-wide, starting today, for a month.  In fact, multiple high schools are trying it out this Fall in Gwinnett, so thousands of students will be giving PBL a shot, and at Lanier High it starts TODAY!

For the CDAT project, click here.

In short, we are going to genuine invention: copyrights, trademarks, patents.  And it's not "pick the best", it's something anyone can win, everyone can win.  On Nov. 7, we will have investors, inventors, creators, coming by to "shop around" and find what's worth their time and money, for real.  Our kids have one month to get their concept ready, and know every detail.  The key here:  you don't need a finished product, you need a really GREAT concept.  Check out Kickstarter:  so much committed money before anything is real.

Our other academies have some great ideas too, but I can't spoil their surprise here.  Let's just say it's so cool to see the creativity of our educators unleashed.  Not all of them, change is hard.  But some are running with it, and it's all you would hope for as we try to constantly improve education.

So here we go, should be a great experience!