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Another great year!

posted May 22, 2013, 1:44 PM by Michael Reilly   [ updated May 22, 2013, 1:46 PM ]
It happens every year: the days after Spring Break fly so fast, and the last days zoom past.  Boom, Summer!  But what a great year it was:  going to the Emmy's to pick up some High School Program Awards, we'll see student work on PBS this Fall, we had our largest 9th grade class yet, our first 11th grade class and US History, the deeper integration with Science, and so many other things.  

With all of that, how did the test scores hold up?  How about maybe our best year ever!  How's this:
  • 9th Grade Language Arts End of Course Test (State test):    LHS pass rate is 93%,  CDAT is 99%
  • 9th Grade Biology End of Course Test:   LHS pass rate is 87%,  CDAT is 93%
  • 10th Grade Science Gateway Test        LHS pass rate is 80%   CDAT is 92%
  • 11th Grade Language Arts End of Course Test:  LHS pass rate is 96%   CDAT is 100%   
    • (LHS Exceeds rate is 38%   CDAT is 50%)
  • 11th Grade Social Studies End of Course Test:  LHS pass rate is 87%   CDAT is 100% 
    • (LHS Exceeds rate is 55%   CDAT is 70%)  Did you see that, 70% Exceeds!!!

And now, yes on the afternoon of the last day of school, we start getting ready for next year.  We've already started planning our time together.  And it's not just high school planning!  We congratulate our InTECC students from White Oak Elementary on an amazing year, and welcome the Lanier Middle School TWIST program to the innovative ways of our cluster!

Soon we move CDAT into our newer, larger space, and we will continue our combination of great learning with impressive accomplishments.  Thanks to our advisors and students for letting us craft a fun and effective school, 2013-2014 is going to be even better!