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And even more water reality

posted Oct 5, 2010, 4:08 PM by Michael Reilly   [ updated Oct 5, 2010, 4:24 PM ]
Sometimes fate, karma, etc., comes in bunches.  It just so happens that my wife is working on an outdoor classroom project at a local elementary school, and she got to meet Bonny Putney.  Well I was the lucky guy when my wife invited Bonny to my classroom!

Following Wayne Hill's appearance just a few days earlier, Bonny gave the kids a great presentation on water conservation: Tapped Out: The Drying Up of Atlanta.  It was Bonny's contention that we could get by using the water we have, even less, if we were just smarter about using it.  Facts like: 20% of Atlanta's water is lost to leaks, Boston had the same situation and resolved it without major infrastructure changes, rain barrels and other capture methods can serve so many purposes.

After her presentation, some of our news kids had the chance to talk with her, ask her some questions.  We should have that news article out this week, educating our Lanier High population about the true situation we face.  By 2012, very little water might be a reality.

On top of that, if it weren't enough, our news magazine, "The Legacy", got some attention from a local expert.  Bre  Humphries, Managing Editor of Points North magazine, complimented us on our effort to get kids involved in the digital communications front.  In addition, she offered to become a mentor to our team, trying to give back to the community by helping our students with her expertise.  Now that's reality!

Is all perfect then?  Have we reached nirvana?  Of course not.  Maybe part of this blog reflection is personal therapy to consider the awesome things and energize.  We have one or two kids that refuse to succeed, it's actually taking them effort.  We still need to refine our own processes for satisfying "grades".  We are on the verge of a comparison based on a summative exam, and our fingers are crossed (makes it hard to type).  But these other things are pretty cool, and most of it happened from transparency and simple requests.  Pretty cool.

PS - If any big-wig in Washington just happens to read this, could you direct some Race To The Top money this way?  We'll also take any donations from wealthy techno-entrepreneurs.  Just for professional development to do this as best we can, that's all.  Not even lunch, we'll brown bag it.