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9th Grade CDAT now includes P.E./Health!

posted Mar 20, 2011, 3:43 AM by Michael Reilly
On March 17, CDAT received official approval from GCPS to include P.E. and Health as part of the 9th grade CDAT curriculum!!  Students will officially receive 4 credits in 3 hours, including Math, Language Arts, Digital Media and P.E./Health.  That means CDAT students will receive credit for 7 classes for their 9th grade year.

How can we fit this in?  Two ways really: efficiency and blending.  Everyone has strengths and weaknesses.  I'm a math guy, and would rather figure something out myself in 10 minutes with friends rather than sit for an hour lecture, and could use more of my "math time" on writing skills.  CDAT allows this type of efficiency, letting students shift their time to accomplish the standards on their necessary time.  

We also blend the subjects, so we can have students doing something like running for time trials in P.E. or Health, then taking pulse rates and other bio-information to do data analysis, linear regression, etc., to reinforce math.  

Including P.E./Health is very exciting for us, allowing even more expression via learning style in CDAT.  As the technology ties to location and geography grow (location-based systems, geocaching, etc.), having students see technologies integrated with our physical world is a genuine opportunity for authentic learning.