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2 CDAT students to Gov. Honors

posted Nov 18, 2011, 6:33 PM by Michael Reilly
Congratulations to Bethany Beck and Jaylin Gillam, two of our CDAT Originals, who were both accepted into the very competitive Georgia Governor's Honors Program!!  It's rare to have a Technology student get into GHP, even more so for 2 from the same school, but they certainly deserve it.  Luke Crowley and Garrett Eddy also made it to the final interview stage, which is a feat in itself.  These are all amazing students, and we are so proud of all of them!

Also, Mr. Reilly will be going out to Las Vegas after Thanksgiving to share how we use Autodesk products, on a scholarship paid by the Autodesk corporation!  The amazing work done by students like our GHP nominees attracted the attention of their national sales director, and Autodesk wants to know more.  Check out the example below, a medieval village created by Austin and Jaylin, using 3DS Max and Unity3D game engine.  (If you'd like the playable version, download the attached ZIP file below.)