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2010 coming to a close

posted Dec 6, 2010, 2:16 PM by Michael Reilly
Hard to believe, one semester is almost in the books.  (Remind me to list terms that digital kids will someday not know about, like "in the books", "around the clock", "clockwise", and so on.)

Students are putting the final touches on Project 7, their semester final exam.  Over the winter break, I will have time to create outlets for their work.  SchoolTube has been set up, but I need a place for MP3 songs too.   Many of the kids have really latched onto video and audio.

Reflecting, there are two big numbers that jump out after a semester.  First, our students scored the average of the entire 9th grade class for their midterm assessment, and we're expecting them to do as well or better for the end of the semester.  In short, we're not messing them up!  Second, our attendance has been awesome!  In a quick estimation, our students are missing school at less than half the rate of other 9th graders (based on "unexcused" absences).  If last week's absences are taken into account, it's even better!  They're doing well, and showing up!  We'll have more on that later as the data becomes cleaner.

This week we have the GCPS TV crew coming in for an interview/review, as well as Suzie Boss coming to visit!  I tease the kids for their giddiness around TV and music stars, they're about to return the hazing.

We're already planning on meeting up as teachers for next semester, over our winter break.  We learned a lot this semester, and will be putting that knowledge to work right away in January.  Look out kids, you're going to enjoy learning even more!